Barra and Recreio, year 1971

YEAR 1970
The skin diver champion  Lucio Lenz, used to spearfish in the nearby reefs, in the almost desert Barra da Tijuca, when he noticed the lot, just a sand field then. Picture of the lot, looking in direction of the beach.


YEAR 1973... Curiously, the idea of the restaurant, happened in Munich, when dining at the Feinkost Keffer restaurant, whose "decor" was of the romantic German architecture.
If this style was successful there, the Brazilian Colonial Style would be sensational here, bringing back the opulence or our Empire!

Preparing the grounds


YEAR 73 To dream is an easy task. To do is quite another thing. We spent one year searching for one architect able to deal with Brazilian Colonial Style. Finally, by chance we found Angelo Murgel, a renowned architect author of projects like the Hotel das Cataratas in Iguassu Falls, Iate Club Rio de Janeiro etc... He accepted the task, recreating the romantic atmosphere of that time. Foundations. Note the absence of high-rises .


Year 74. Someone said before that 10 per cent is inspiration and 90 transpiration... We browsed museums in Minas Gerais and Bahia searching for furniture models, and then for artisans to make them. Most of the work was done in Minas Gerais State, and the wood used was rose jacaranda, now extinct. The surrounding trees were planted during the work, to gain time. Main entrance view..


Year 75 . Since the beginning the House was an icon for lovers. Thousands of couples chose the place for their first date, later brought soons, and we have good reasons to expect grand sons soon... Due to his architecture the House is frequently used as location for films and televison soap opera. The beginning of the painting ....



Air wiew in 1984. The clay tennis court helps to keep the owner in shape...


Macumba Beach, Recreio and Barra, 2009