Built in Brazilian Colonial style, the restaurant is named after the Viceroys, when Brazil was a Portuguese colony. The project was from the renowned architect Angelo Murgel, author of the Iguassu Cataracts Hotel, the main building of Iate Club do Rio de Janeiro, the Caiçaras Club, etc. The result is a romantic, airy and comfortable building. Fourteen wide windows and 35 years old trees keep the interior fresh, yet cosy. The furniture, made of solid rose jacaranda is a replica of museums in Minas Gerais and Bahia. The place has also some authentic antiques, like the centenary "roda de farinha", seen at the center of the picture. The place is ideal for a cosy dinner at candle light or a busines meeting (120 places). For menu and prices, go to MENU & PRICES or call 2493-5560 e 2493-1683. We serve from appetizers and German food, to giant shrimps, from refreshments to French champagne...

AstraBier - Home made draft beer.